Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Most UC execs got sweet deals

Most UC execs got sweet deals
Audit says perks to 68% of top employees violated regents' policies -- board member calls longtime problem a 'systemic breakdown'

Tanya Schevitz, Todd Wallack, Chronicle Staff Writers
Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Los Angeles -- The University of California gave most of its top executives bonuses, housing allowances or other perks that weren't publicly reported or approved by the governing Board of Regents in violation of its own policies, according to a report released Monday.

A $1.5 million audit by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the university system's outside auditor, focused on 32 top administrative jobs and the 63 men and women who have filled them over the past 10 years, plus one additional manager, former UC Davis Vice Chancellor Celeste Rose.

The audit confirms the findings of a series of Chronicle stories over the past few months, but it shows the problems were more pervasive than has been reported.

Among its major findings, the audit disclosed that UC President Robert Dynes or his designees made more than 90 "exceptions" to university policies or procedures to grant extra benefits to 44 of the 64 executives.


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UC is clearly qualified to be a partner in LANS, LLC.
Read the detailed report. These guys have been stealing. It sounds just like corporate America. I don't need to hear any more crap about how we should be dedicated!
I could not agree more: UC is highly qualified. And, I wish to extend my personal thanks to Mr. Przybylek for having made the decision to include the fine folks of the University of California in our new LANL "family". I am sure they will continue to make us proud, just as they have in the past for all the wonderful work they have done in making LANL the center of excellence we have come to admire.

You know: "The World's Best Science..." and all that.


It is time to start prosecuting or filing civil suits against the U.C. Regents. They are just a bunch of rich, corrupt corporate figures -- or their spouses. They have broken the rules of the university and there should be a legal challenge to them. Where is the Attorney General when we need him or her?
Whew! At least Bob Dynes is still UC President. I was worried they were going to get rid of him for a minute.
Now that LANL will be run by "for-profit" LANS LLC, these pesky
little UC problems of excessive Executive pork won't be seen by
the public. How convenient. The timing couldn't be better.
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