Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lawsuit filed against UC over lab's pension program

Employees say new plan will reduce benefits, quality at nuclear facilities
By Ian Hoffman, STAFF WRITER

A labor union and four workers contended in a lawsuit Tuesday that the University of California and a UC/Bechtel National-led team were forcing more than 9,000 employees at Los Alamos National Laboratory to swap one of the nation's plushest pensions for lesser benefits and driving workers away from the nuclear-weapons lab.

At stake is the University of California pension that has drawn thousands of workers to design and maintain U.S. nuclear explosives at both Los Alamos and its sister lab, Lawrence Livermore in the Bay Area.


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Do you guys really think you are going to find a sympathetic jury with two of these article published. Even as a lab employee not in this catagory I can't find any to give, how in the world can one believe that someone making $8.50 an hours is going to feel for you.
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