Wednesday, April 26, 2006

LA Monitor - Audit: Nanos got Signing Bonus

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This article in the Tuesday LA Monitor includes
additional info about the UC executive-level benefit
irregularities. Apparently, even our friendly, ol'
Uncle Kuckuck partook of illegal executive goodies.

Of course, all this messy audit business of executive
perks will likely dissapear once LANS takes over on
June 1st. What a wonderful world!

LA Monitor - Audit: Nanos got Signing Bonus - Apr 25

A core competency associated with being a UC Official apparently is denial and cover-up. Consider this little gem from UC's lead con artist, "Board of Regents Chairman Gerald L. Parsky said in a statement after the meeting that the report was not meant to suggest any wrongdoing on the part of the recipients of this compensation." Oh really? Well what if it were a janitor walking out of his office with a company pen stuck in his pocket? How philosophical would ol' Gerald be then?! On the contrary, the blue collar folk deserve the gallows, regardless of dollar amounts involved. For it's a question of instilling fear and setting examples. White collar criminals/executives on the other hand, well that's another matter. A slap on the wrist should more training, a few more worthless policies to ignore, and of course a restful managerial retreat to contemplate creative ways to evade meaningful accountability. Yea...that's the ticket! And if it's the taxpayer that's being ripped off...hey, just so long as it's not meant to suggest any wrongdoing on the part of the idiot managers responsible!
Of course there was wrongdoing. Whoever okayed this extra pay should be fired and prosecuted as any lower level worker would be. I have seen low level LANL employees have to pay back the lab amounts less than $100 for having used a government computer for personal business. There are either rules or there aren't. Nobody should be above them. All of those people should have to pay the university back and the person who authorized the payments should have to make up for what the University cannot get back.
Another good idea would be to audit and prosecute Parsky who has done a fair amount of behind the scenes bargaining with the UC Retirement money.
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