Monday, April 10, 2006

An interesting exchange

An exchange from the


No computer scientists needed here, clearly. It doesn't take even a room-temperature IQ to see the trend developing: Pits 'R Us.

I hope those of you who choose to remain at LANL enjoy your retraining and new careers as pit fab specialists. This young man isn't going to stick around to be a part of the new mission focus: going to cut my losses and boogie right off the Hill and find some other CS gig.

It's definitely time to relocate. LANL has developed a decidedly unpleasant aura. Bad vibes. Even worse than before, and that didn't seem possible just a couple of months ago. Sure glad I decided to rent when I came here three years ago.
Pretty much ditto what cs101 said. I just hope the LANL part of my resume doesn't hurt my chances at a new job:

July, 2004 - December 2004 -- Accomplishments: None. Took money from the customer, but didn't do any work. Took on-line ergonomics training course. Took on-line security training. Took on-line safety training. Went to all-hands meetings. Got called a butthead.
TO CS101 and CS350-

This article on pit manufacturing referred to recruiting highly-talented technicians and those with needed skill-of-craft skills, not technical staff members. Don't fool yourselves. Even with the current pit mission, LANL is having a hard time recruiting and retaining good technicians, who perform most of the hands-on glovebox work. I'm happy for once to see LANL taking a pro-active approach before staffing becomes a crisis.
The quoted "consultant", Abad Sandoval??

Didn't he used to be on the LANL payroll?

I *knew* you were a kindred spirit! I agree: the sooner we rid ourselves of those nuisance "computer science" types, the better we'll be. In fact, all we really need at LANL now are Pu manufacture technicians, like you, and me!
I'm with Pu Slinger on this one. At least this is a sign that hands-on work still occurs at LANL. What, you want we should hire more senior managers instead of technicians???
Hey, JoeGideon5:

You can hire as many "pit monkeys" as you want, I don't care, because I'm leaving this place.

As far as I am concerned, LANL is going down the tubes, in a long flush that started with the infamous shutdown of 2004, and which will end under the stewardship of Bechtel ("We Make Pits") and LANS, LLC.

Having left LANL in October of last year, I'm now reading this blog from an entirely different emotional (and physical) place. Its a lot like watching the movie Titanic. You know the boat is going down, but the people on board are in denial. At some point there will be wide-spread recognition of the looming disaster and people will begin to panic. Glad I got in my life boat already and have found sanctuary in another state. No more DOE; no more LANL; no more silly on-line training; no more hating my job. There are lots more life boats; what are you waiting for?
What's the difference between LANL and the Titanic?

The Titanic had a band.
Pit Whore-

I'm not a Pu technician and don't care to see LANL turn into nothing more than a pit man mission. I think there's room for both science and manufacturing at this institution.

I am most disappointed in you, PuSlinger. You are a discredit to my favorite money-making metal, and not worthy of bearing it's name.
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