Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'd sure like to know what he's holding before I make my next bet

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Anyone notice how Mike A.'s been canceling all his previously
scheduled All-Hands talks about LANS plans for running the new and
improved LANL? Previous LANS memos had him scheduled for a second
All-Hands talk on the first week of April, followed by another
critical talk in mid-April. Both of these talks have been canceled
without explanation.

Why the delays, Mike? A lot of us at LANL would like to hear your
plans for running the new LANL, and we would love to hear it BEFORE
we submit our paperwork by the May 15th deadline. It's time for
Mike A. to throw his cards down on the table so we can all see what
he's holding. Perhaps he's bluffing or maybe he's got a Royal Flush.
I'd sure like to know what he's holding before I make my next bet.

Word has it that Mike A and the Bechtel honchos don't see eye to eye. Mike seems to be clinging to his vision of LANL as a scientific campus. Bechtel, on the other hand, sees the "evolved" LANL as the new pit manufacturing facility for the weapons production complex.

Expect to see LANS replace Mike before too much longer with someone who is more willing to toe the corporate line.
He's holding a busted flush.
He could draw another card.
"Go fish!"
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