Thursday, April 27, 2006

DOE Announces New Policy for Contractor Benefit Reimbursements

Doug -

For the interest of the blog's readers - anonymously, please.

The full Directive (PDF) is available at the link at bottom of the referenced page.

I like my job, but can't afford to stay here much longer.

NNSA is presiding over the closure of the best nuclear defense and national security R&D labs (lanl/llnl) that the world has ever seen.

I'm sure John Q. Public doesn't give a damn.
John Q. Public doesn't know what's going on. John Q. is too busy with getting their kids educated, paying higher energy costs, paying higher housing costs, paying for Bush's war, paying for costly medical care, trying to put money away for retirement, dealing with elderly parents, sorting out the ins and outs of DC corruption, etc.

Compare this to the time right after sputnik when this country really put its nose to the grindstone. Compare this to the Cold War era. The times are not "a changin"; they have changed.
oh come on travismagee...
what's wrong with being busy:
* getting your kids educated
* paying for your energy cost
* paying for housing costs
* paying for our country's wars
* paying for medical care
*saving for retirement
*and taking care of our parent's old age needs...

sounds like normal America me...

i think jqp recognizes the value of our national labs and is very supportive of our very brightest and taleted people...

why the hell should they be concerned or enraptured with your rendition of the sky is falling...

perhaps they think if you folks aren't smart enought to resolve your problem you'll just have to suffer along with the rest of us.

"sounds like normal America me..." -- megaton1

megaton1 sounds like a normal American to me. Unfortunately, jqp also represents a not insignificant number of hyper ventilators on both wings of the distribution.
Okay, here is my quick digest of this new DOE Notice.

1) LANS will be able to abolish TCP1 and NNSA/DOE will allow the costs of transitioning us TCP1-ers to TCP2.

2) If the above does not occur, future cost-of-living adjustments may not be approved, as they would represent Incremental Pension Costs.

3) For Medical (retiree and employee) benefits, any future changes will not be allowed to affect DOE/NNSA cost, which means that future increases in medical insurance costs will be 100% passed to the employees.

4) Even new hires at LLNL before its transition will be placed in a "TCP2" plan, as no later than 3/2007 new hires will not be allowed into the UCRP system.

There are many caveats of the sort except as required by law, but the overall intent seems to be to cap the retirement and medical costs to DOE/NNSA at current levels per employee (at best).

So much for having all relevant information in hand for 60 days before the drop-dead date (May 15th).

Linton Brooks was overheard earlier this year to say that this notice would cause an unimaginable firestorm of litigation.

Ain't life fun?
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