Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Buddied Up

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Buddied Up

By Matt Potter
San Diego Reader
March 23, 2006


The decline of Bob Dynes has turned out to be even swifter than his rise.
Less than three years since he became president of the University of
California, the friendly press is suddenly a thing of the past. His troubles
began with a series of articles published last November by the San Francisco
Chronicle. They revealed that the university had quietly given high-ranking
employees $871 million in undisclosed bonuses, administrative stipends,
moving allowances, and other cash compensation, in addition to salaries and


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This article on Dynes is interesting. I especially noted this part:

"Venture-capital financiers were taking over much of the university's
research agenda, and administrators' bonuses, according to one state
senator, reflected "corporatization." Dynes was well connected..."

Or how about this little gem...

"The paper also reported that under Dynes, UC had added hundreds of
high-paying administrative jobs, padding the payroll.."

Sound familiar? It reminds me of that old saying -- fish rot
from the head on down.
Yes, it sounds quite familiar. Let's see, where else have I recently seen this very same trend developing? You know: adding high-paying administrative jobs; padding the payroll; "corporatization".

Wait, don't tell me, it's on the tip of my tongue...
Dynes-Folley-Nanos: All from the same arrogant mold.
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