Sunday, April 30, 2006

Audit adds to UCs image problem

Your readers may find this of interest. Please sign me as a "Soon to be a former LLNL worker"

From the article:

"Dynes response to the audit was especially lame. He said that Policies were put in place (to prevent abuses) but there was no system implemented to make the policies effective. And where should the buck stop for that failure? One might think it would be with the president of the university."

That's our boy. Lame.
It looks like a scapegoat has been found for all of the recent problems involving LANL and UC. Unfortunately it is not Nanos, nor Foley, nor Brooks.

Fortunately, it is Dynes.
Parsky might be allowed to play:

"The fact that businessman Gerald Parsky, President Bushs best friend in California, chairs the Board of Regents, heightens the political drama. With Bushs popularity extremely low in California, Democrats will have no compunction about taking potshots at Parsky for letting the abuses occur. If anything, however, the right wing of the state Republican Party is even more virulently anti-Parsky for his role in purging the party hierarchy of blood-red conservatives.>
Parsky is Bush's man in California and was supposed to take over the Republican Party there and deliver the state to Bush. He was unable to do anything but make even the Republicans angry at his arrogance. He was however the person who was responsible for the firing of Patricia Small, the former Treasurer of the University of California, who put the UC Retirement System into such good shape. After Small's dismissal, Parsky led the Regents in appointing Dennis Tito's firm, Wilshire, in charge of recommending investments to the UC Retirement fund. One week later Dennis Tito dropped an $85,000 donation in the hat at a Bush fund raiser at Gerald Parsky's house. The UC Retirement System has been in decline ever since.
It sure helps to have friends in high places. It has been suggested that regents should be elected, not appointed.
What Dyne's doesn't specify is what those policies I will. The policies have to do with muzzeling whistleblowers and auditors to weaken accountability and enforcement, while beefing up Public Affairs, Community Outreach and Government Relations to ensure complacency in the electorate and those they elect. In other words, kill the messenger and pretend he died of natural causes. We then stick our collective heads in the sand and more problems!
The failure to report income on the executive's W2s is Federal Income Tax Fraud. If the transmission of the W2 took place electronically, it's wire fraud. If more than one person was in on the scam, it was conspiracy to commit fraud.

Isn't there a whistleblower reward for reporting tax fraud to the IRS?
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