Friday, March 17, 2006

Who's looking at what

I still find it interesting to occasionally check in on what people are looking at on the blog. The picture at the left, for example, shows somebody at the UC Office of the President running a Windows box at a measly 800X600 resolution: must be a manager of some kind -- real computer users invariably run at higher resolutions. In any event, this person came into the blog doing a google search on "uc regents contributions ucrp", and ended up reading the

post. I wonder if UC is starting to get nervous about unions?


Hell lets give them something to think about. May I suggest that UCOP take time to read the SPSE March issue. As you well know most lab employees are not currently members, but once they find out that SPSE and UPTE are the only source of valuable information other then this blog, membership should grow by leaps and bounds; and as you well know membership in number is power.
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