Friday, March 24, 2006

Watchdog group sues LANL for ‘right to know’

Watchdog group sues LANL for ‘right to know’

Last Update: 03/24/2006 8:07:54 AM
By: Associated Press

SANTA FE (AP) - A Santa Fe nuclear watchdog group is suing to learn more about the future of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Nuclear Watch New Mexico sued the Energy Department and the National Nuclear Security Administration to force the federal agencies to produce documents under the Freedom of Information Act.

Nuclear Watch wants to see the lab’s ten-year comprehensive site plans for 2003 through 2006. A government spokesman says such plans are a security matter.

Nuclear Watch director Jay Coghlan says the documents typically include plans for new buildings and plutonium-pit-production rates.

Pits are the triggers of nuclear weapons.

Great while our soldiers are dying in Iraq this fringe group slows yet again a energy source that doesn't keep us beholden to the Middle East. Thanks.
Pits are an energy source?
"Pits are an energy source?"

........only after they go BOOM!
Perhaps plutonium fuel cells for cars? Or a pit in every house. All we need is inertial confinement fission, then we will have it made.

New LANL Motto: Life's the pits.
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