Monday, March 13, 2006

UCRP change?


I have been unable to verify what I heard today about a little-known
change affecting vested UCRP members who elect to become inactive as
of June 1. Supposedly, inactive vested UCRP members may elect
employer-assisted medical benefits (a la TCP1) upon declaring
retirement even after 120 days. My understanding was that UCRP had
previously required annuity draw within 120 days or no medical
benefits. My apologies if this is not a recent fact (or not a fact
at all) but it is new to me and is an important detail. Can someone
point me to a reference if it is true?


Look at for details. Since retiree medical was ALWAYS paid for from LANL operating funds it should be no sweat off UC's nose if NNSA made the decision to provide medical benefits to those that are going inactive vested but will retire later.
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