Wednesday, March 15, 2006

UC/Bechtel may join for lab bid; new Lawrence Lab head chosen

By Betsy Mason

The University of California will partner with Bechtel National for a joint bid to manage Lawrence Livermore Laboratory if UC Regents vote to enter the competition.

In an unscripted moment at the regents meeting in Los Angeles today, regent Gerald Parsky said UC and Bechtel previously agreed that if they won the contract to manage Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the regents approved a bid for Livermore Lab, they would partner for that competition as well.


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Well there you are LLNL. Do you really think you're going to be offered a better package than LANL? Hope you were paying close attention during the transition period and were reading the associated documentation where you could have made plans accordingly. Say hello to corporate America and goodbye to your UC pension plan and medical benefits. At the speed this is moving would you like to bet that this will all be over before Oct 1st, 2007.
You can bet that Lockheed is not planning to bid on LLNL.
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