Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Three months to go

This is a friendly reminder that in a little over three months from now this blog will be shutting down. On July 1 we will no longer accept post submissions for LANL, The Real Story. Comments to existing posts will be turned off. The blog will remain on line for some undetermined period of time, but only for reference purposes. If there is a replacement discussion forum or forums in place at the time, I will provide links to redirect people to them. There have already been several self-proclaimed successor blogs that people have set up; you all need to decide if any of them will provide a satisfactory replacement, if in fact a replacement is desired.


Is there anyone out here from LLNL who would care to start a blog for those people. The one that currently exist known as (LLNL The Real Story ) is worthless and the administrator couldn't hold a candle to Doug. All one could hope for would be improvement or an administrative change.

All that I can say to LLNL is that, "you're next" and you are soon to become as privileged as LANL has been, if you'd like to call it privileged. Please don't be naive and think that you're something special and that you'll be treated differently. I will assure you, you will not be. My suggestion is that you get organized now because you are about to come up against the big dogs whose attention can only be acquired by the assertion of an equal and opposite force. That force can only come from all of you working in unison towards a common goal that will yield results that are in your favor. If this requires bringing in the lawyers, then so be it. Please pay attention to the details in the upcoming proposal as did the people at LANL. Learn how to read between the lines and look beyond the tip of your nose. Do not assume that they are acting in your best interest or even care about your feelings. Remember that DOE / NNSA and the UC Regents objective is about cost cutting and making a profit. For anyone who has been around for a while I am sure they'll understand that the first thing to go in the private sector when it comes to cost cutting is "people" and "benefits". If you have taken the time to read what they have offered LANL one can see that nothing in the Mercer proposal was to the benefit of the workers, but once again upper level management was treated as royalty. If you choose to be a pansy and tuck your tail between your legs you will get mud hole stomped in your butts in a micro second. You must stand up for what is rightfully yours to assure that the outcome is in "your" best interest not theirs. In their eyes you are just an expendable commodity that can be replaced by a monkey on a moments notice.
I think I'll watch what ultimately happens at LANL before becoming exercised. As is obvious on this blog, there are a number of "high gain" elements that magnify small system perturbations, thus the signal-to-noise ratio is poor here.

The ultimate signal will emerge shortly, and we can then make a more thoughtful assessment of the situation.

Thank God - Chris Mechels and his four personas/handles will no longer have a forum to corrupt - at least not here anyway!
As you can see LLNL, it is time for you to pick up the ball and run with it. One national lab down and and one to go. It is my hopes that those from LLNL who may have been reading this blog learned something. Who will manage ( LLNL The Real Story ) as well?
I'm in total agreement with bohica. If you have been reading this blog for any length of time then you should be familiar with the tactics that UC used with respect to Todd and I. It is obvious that you are dealing with people who are completely devoid of morals and honor. You cannot afford to wait to see what will happen. If you do not start from a position of power and stay unified they will do the same thing to you that they did to LANL. Organize now and be prepared for a fight because I guarantee you that your enemies at UC/DOE are working with that mindset.

Mr. Sparks, I can assure you that the signals that Todd and I have provided are of excellent quality. There is more than enough data here for you to make a clear decision on the type of people you are dealing with. You ignore it at your own risk. One of the reasons we provided this information was as a warning to others.
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