Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Strategic Goals


Below is the full list of goals for the lab's 3-5 year strategic plan. I find the following amusing: Goal B states: Design and engineer [...] nuclear weapons. Immediately following that Goal C states: Be [...] the premier laboratory for nonproliferation...

From the DOE website: http://legacystory.apps.em.doe.gov/text/close/close8.htm The definition of nonproliferation is "efforts to prevent or slow the spread of nuclear weapons and the materials and technologies used to produce them." Now I know this can be interpreted different ways and technically it means the spread to other countries (specifically those that don't have nuclear weapons), but to me it seems borderline contradictory.

Strategic Goals

3 - 5 Year Focus

National Security Goals | Enabling Goals
Science-Based Prediction (Goal A) — Create an integrating core competency for science-based prediction of complex systems linking experiment, simulation and theory.
Sue Seestrom
Nuclear Weapons (Goal B) — Design and engineer manufacturable and certifiable replacement nuclear weapons without new nuclear testing.
Fred Tarantino
Nonproliferation (Goal C) — Be acknowledged as the premier laboratory for nonproliferation research and development.
Doug Beason
Preferred Laboratory (Goal D) — Be the preferred laboratory for providing the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities with revolutionary, success- enabling science and technology.
Doug Beason
Materials Science (Goal E) — Be the best materials science and technology lab in the world in support of our mission.
Terry Wallace, Paul Follansbee, John Sarrao
Energy Security (Goal F) — Use LANL expertise and capability to solve national problems in energy security.
Terry Wallace, Charryl Berger, Dana Christensen
Office of Science (Goal G) — Be a strategic partner of the Office of Science to benefit their national missions and the science-base critical to our national security missions.
Terry Wallace, Don Rej

Let's not forget the goal of reducing the indirect/direct-cost ratio over the next couple of years. This will likely translate into a situation where the plethora of new managers are charging directly to your technical program, rather than to indirect (tax-based) accounts, i.e., overhead.
It will be a cold day in hell before any pointy-haired LANS manager leech charges any of his time to one of my projects. The first time that happens they can take my "at will" job and shove it up their collective ass, and then figure out how to do the work themselves.

The only people who charge time on my projects work on my projects.
Rod, if I were a sponsor other than DOE/NNSA, I would already be asking for a list of everyone charging my project, what their title was, how much they had charged, and what they were doing in every monthly report.
National Security Goals | Enabling Goals
Materials Science (Goal E) — Be the best materials science and technology lab in the world in support of our mission.
Terry Wallace, Paul Follansbee, John Sarrao

A legacy leftover from Admiral Butthead. LANL will NEVER be the premier material science laboratory in conventional metallurgy (steel and light alloys), semiconductor and electro-optic materials, or composites, to name only three. This goal is so laughable on its face that it casts doubt on all the others. This gives Anastasio all the credibility of a used car salesman.
G.W. Bush calls it "strategery."
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