Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SPSE March Issue

By Jayne Tonowski and Jim Wolford

Welcome to the first edition of the Sentinel for 2006. As we write this, events that may determine our future as employees continue to unfold in Washington DC and at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The experience of University of California (UC) employees at LANL during its transition still serves as the best indication of what’s in store for us here at LLNL. While the situation is still evolving day-by-day, we feel the need to give you our current best assessment.


Full Article (pdf)

Would it be possible to have this document distributed to all 8000+ employees at LLNL by an internal or external means? Since most of the LLNL employees are not members of SPSE or UPTE they will never be informed as to what is going on. At this time they have no avenue to speak their mind as does LANL. Knowing that LLNL's upper level management smoke screen will eventually become impermeable as time goes on one should expect little or no valuable information to be disseminated beyond the walls of building 111. It is my hope that someone after June 1st 2006 will professionally manage the "LLNL The Real Story" blog as Doug did for his coworkers. Without a well managed blog where lab employees can openly voice their concerns, hopes and dreams the war will be over before the first battle gets started. It's your call LLNL aka ( LLNS,LLC ).
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