Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Safety tip

From the 3/7/2006 LANL NewsBulletin:

Safety tips

How to reduce stress in the workplace

Determine daily priorities and work through these one at a time recognizing that attempting tasks in a haphazard manner is inefficient and stressful.

Whoops! There goes the huge GM pension, down the tubes....


GM Announces Changes to Salaried Pension -- SFGate March 7, 2006

Effective Jan. 1, GM will freeze the accrued pension benefits for
U.S. salaries employees. Salaried employees hired on or after
that date will move exclusively to a defined contribution plan,
and GM will contribute a certain amount to their 401(k). Salaried
employees hired before Jan. 1 will remain in a defined benefit
plan but will get reduced benefits under a new formula.


Note that final sentence about "will get a reduced benefit under
a new formula". It make me wonder what the fate of the TCP1
pension will be in future years. Will "for-profit" LANS get
DOE's blessing to follow the same route some day? I feel my
stress level rising.
And speaking of stress, what's this we're starting to hear about a rapidly growing rift between "Golden Boy" Mike Anastasio, and Bechtel and BW? Are we going to have break in yet another LANL director in just a few weeks?
I don't think there will be much of anyone being broke in. He will simply get his marching orders from corporate HQ and assure that they are carried out, or he will be up the creek without a paddle. It's either his job or yours. Which one do you think he is going to choose? Life is easy in the real world.

Has anyone been given a firm date on when the UC Regents is going to announce the final retirment plan for all LANL retirees or which plan they will be allowed to retire on?
DOE Guy,
Don't tell me that Anastasio actually believed Parsky when he was told he'd be in charge? Anastasio's major role is to be Parsky's buttboy - and he'd better get used to it. We got no need of uppity managers who think they're president of the corporation.

On the other hand, if Anastasio gets dumped, I understand that Carly Fiorina is coming of a simply smashing engagement with Lucent and H/P and is available for a considerable fee.
I'm not sure that I believe anything coming out of the pie holes of any "DOE Guy" or UC chump. It's in DOE's interest to spread rumors, discontent, and chaos - or at least impair national security. It's UC's job to amplify the effects.
I understand Smith's grocery stores have run out of old mushy produce. Heard they might have more available Thursday morning.
Nah - I'm rolling around under one of the tables in Otowi.
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