Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Remember - we were the first!

Please post anonymously. I am still active employee and my group leader reads BLOG often. Thanks.


Recently employees of Fermilab were addressed by their lab director in a public comment, of being "cowboys", in reference to their safety culture or lack thereof. Their director is a respected physicist, not a retired rear admiral from the Navy. They were not "buttheads", however. Evidently, name-calling is getting around. His comment was ostricised by others in management, and he supposedly regretted the comment - having said it after getting excessive oversight (heat?) from DOE over issues. Whether he apologized for it is unknown. I shared our corporate story on being not only "cowboys" but "butthead cowboys" with a FNAL manager, with a big smile. Is it possible that having this label is becoming a cult status among national labs? Remember - we were the first! Be proud of that. Wear your hats with pride.

Be thankful that we, the "best and brightest" on the planet, weren't labeled "low hanging fruit." Remember the laid off workers of 1995? What a disgraceful episode that was as well.
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