Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rat Patrol

Submitted by "The Rat Patrol"

I hope all the Chiefs-of-staff are given the option to be demoted to an administrative level equivalent to other division office staff with a comparable decrease in salary or leave LANL. The amount of money saved might pay one month's GRT.
We have been hearing a rumor. We hear that at LANL only 14 AD's are going to be keeping their jobs. I guess the rest will be demoted or released. Anyone heard anything about this? Do you even have 14 AD's?
Here's another cost reduction opportunity:
Yes to the waste of money called the Enterprise Project. Day after day I hear my group admin on the phone trying to get help for one problem after another. If every group and division admin have the same problems, it means this project is poorly designed, poorly written, and poorly tested. It would be interesting to see the design and testing documents.
While there have been numerous reports of the Emperor (Nanos, Brooks, Foley, Domenici, and others) wearing no clothes throughout the history of this blog, I believe this is the first time where nudity was depicted visually, explicitly. (Could someone provide us the identities of the individuals, please?)

(In the list of "Emperors," I may have inadvertantly missed Dynes. Sorry.)
Brad-- I don't think any of the nude figures depict lab management. If they were their posteriors would be obscured by the faces of underlings searching the dark recesses for a promotion or, more likely, by their own head and shoulders.
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