Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Presented for your amusement

One of the more florid submissions that we've received in some while:


Typical Corporate mendacity with Nonproductive "Illuminati" (Translation Buttosculators)

Wake up, sheep; while you debate the "Substantially equivalent" crap, the typical 21st-century corporate model has descended on us with more than simply a PBX-style bang. It's actually more akin to a toxic-organic spill that's coating each of us---excepting, of course, those who successfully buttosculted themselves into positions of favor. (It's got to lightning-bolt each and every one of us who's not in-denial that there was barely the faint aroma of housecleaning occurring; and that fleeting vapor diffused into subolfactory concentrations within microseconds.)

I suggest that what we have to look forward to, regardless of the perfectly carried-off mendacity about preserving the traditions of great science, is an increasingly oligarchic state of affairs, with periodic RIFS of the productive and burgeoning salaries/perks for the already mitotically active ruling class. Problematically, of course, is that quality of endeavor will not be protective, by comparison to nepotisic affiliation.

Don't fret, it's just the transnational corporate model. We be privatized chillums. Oh, they'll wait until Domenici's gone, but after that, who's going to stop 'em??

Respectfully submitted for your cheeful consideration.

Buttosculating is a revered science. It takes careful career preparation and continual practice to become an expert buttosculant.

While not formally recognized as field of professional expertise, many at LANL and within the DOE/NNSA have exceled at the amateur level.

Perhaps LANL should consider sponsoring a seminar on Professional Buttosculant Protocols and offer certification. Then current expert amateurs could say they were a CBP (Certified Buttosculant Professional).

Kind of like being a PMP.
RH - you left the "i" out of PMP.
The 'i' is implied.

"It's hard out here for a PMP" won the Oscar this year.
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