Friday, March 31, 2006

NTS Lead Managers

An anonymous bit just received: three of the top managers at the new Northrup Grumman-run NTS will be Steve Younger, Jim Holt, and Ping Lee. Those names sound oddly familiar.

Ah yes. We have the LLNL crowd running LANS, we have the LANL crowd running NTS, and we will probably have the SNL crowd running LLNL.

Yes. Welcome to the new order. How do you like it so far?

BTW: That aroma that you detect wafting past your nostrils is corruption.
I worked with Jim Holt for years. He's a good guy in my book.
What nonsense... I'll believe it when I see an official release. April 1 is tomorrow.
April Fools is an appropriate date for such an announcement.
Curley Larry, and Moe.
Ping, Jim and Steve are all good people.
They will do fine at NTS.

Jim has been gone for some time, to LLNL and NNSA, and has been missed.

Ping is an energetic and clear minded asset at LANL. It will be a shame to lose him.

Steve is visionary and talented, but has been gone for some time.

One of the downsides of the contract competition was that it led good people to take sides that then required some to leave LANL!
Our loss.
Who cares about our loss? ... Hello? ...
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