Sunday, March 12, 2006

NNSA's long-term Plans for the Weapons Complex

Here is an extract from a 23-page document from NNSA that is currently circulating at LANL. Funny, Linton didn't mention these planned cuts just before Christmas, in the main LANL auditorium when somebody directly asked him about possible cuts at LANL. Do you suppose this planned reduction merely slipped his mind at the time, or did we just now catch him in a fib?



page 8
General Guidance:
-- Reduce by no less than 2 per cent per year the Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) at each of the Management and Operating (M&O) Contractors, irrespective of any increases in other sponsored work/work for others. Improve by at least two per cent per year the ratio of direct versus indirect FTEs at each M&O contractor.

It wasn't exactly a fib. It was more like a big fat-assed lie.

Which, when you consider the source is completely appropriate.
"...irrespective of any increases in other sponsored work/work for others."

Not that his will be likely at LANL, given the new, bloated, top-heavy management structure that LANS has blessed us with. We were too expensive for most potential WFO sponsors *before* all of these wonderful changes were made at LANL. Come July 1 we will be completely out of the ball park.
Can someone post the document to the blog or send it to Doug to post?
I guess the US Naval War College from which Brooks graduated does not have the same standards as the Naval Academy so Brooks has no problems with lying.
A new document will be coming out pretty soon.

It is "Complex 2030" and lays out the preferred planning scenario for the Nuclear Weapons Complex of 2030.

It has further information on the future of LANL, including removal of all Category I/II level of special nuclear materials from the national lab portion of LANL.

The possibility of a permanent pit facility remains open, but it would be under a separate contract and not affiliated with the lab.

When the document becomes "public" I will try to get it posted here.
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