Thursday, March 16, 2006

New retirement flowchart

Gee, how does one join the Executive Management Track?

Cost: 1 soul.
Not to mention the cost of the operation to have the asshole surgically enlarged.
Come, now, Finknottle; the asshole is a perfectly useful and functioning part of the human anatomy--what would life be without one? It would be sheer hell. The substantially equivalent part of the bureaucratic anatomy that you are desperately groping for in metaphorical space is--the hemorrhoid.
Dr. Holian:

I take your point, so to speak.

I would like to remind you, however, that life at LANL *was* sheer hell a couple of years ago when we had a perfect asshole running the place.
Dr. Finknottle:

I now take YOUR point (with a grain of salt), but I would like to make a slight editorial amendment: the guy "ruining" the place to hell a couple of years ago was a perfect HEMORRHOID.

We now find ourselves in near perfect agreement. I can think of no better time to propose that we meet, imbibe single malt beverages, and enjoy an nice meal together.

It's a deal. Have your people contact my people.

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