Friday, March 03, 2006

New LANL Logo

Submitted by Anonymous.

[Addendum: Another anonymous contributor
has suggested this as an appropriate sound
byte to accompany the logo.]

Too close to the mark--the little ball is not orbiting; it's plummeting to earth at terminal velocity.
I suspect David would have preferred "All Things Bright and Beautiful".
I think the little ball is really a fly. Now what sort of object would you find a fly buzzing around?
Rhymes with "burd"?
I think it rhymes with "fit" and if that really is a fly, I believe he understands the meaning of "substantially equivalent".
"Rhymes with fit" is substantially equivalent to "Excellent!"
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The little ball in the logo is an incoming conventional ballistic missle. But, the target (whomever) cannot tell it from a nuclear one, so all hell is about to break loose.

Gee, I wonder if we are the targ.............
Answer: Just play the Song up there next to the Logo. (Tah, tah, Tahhhhh...)
By the way, the LANL Slogan should read:
Substantially Equivalent Science "Protecting" America.
Yet another amendment from Anonymous to the LANL "Slogan" (we'll get it right someday...soon):
Substantially Equivalent Science Protecting Profits.
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