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Linton Brooks: "We are on the verge of an exciting time."

Linton Brooks: "We are on the verge of an exciting time."

The widely acclaimed public affairs program "Democracy Now" has lead story
today on Linton Brooks, new nuclear policy and more. Greg Mello from LASG is
interviewed. You can read, listen or view the story from

Second story may also be of interest: Nurse from Albuquerque Veterans
Administration hospital is being investigated by FBI for 'sedition' after
writing letter to editor critical of Bush regime.

Democracy Now is ten years old and rapidly expanding. It is now broadcast by
over 400 radio and tv stations plus both satellite tv networks.

- Rick Sterling

I had the pleasure to bump into Sig Hecker a couple of weeks ago at the Albuquerque airport. We chatted for a while, and then the subject of Linton Brooks came up. I asked Sig what he thought of Brooks, and Sig's response was (paraphrasing a bit, sorry for any distortions that are introduced as a result) "Linton is about as good as you could hope to expect, for a Government political type. He's not malicious. He's smart. What you see is what you get."

I then proceeded to relate to Sig my own personal experiences with Linton Brooks. I told him of a meeting that I was in with Brooks some 4 months into the shutdown, during which Brooks stated, "I fully support George Nanos' decision to have shut the entire laboratory down." Sig's response (paraphrasing again; I do not, unfortunately, posses perfect recall): "He's a political animal."

My opinion regarding Brooks remains slightly less charitable.

In colloquial usage, the term regime has a derogatory connotation. The correct term for the Executive Branch under a specific President is administration.

Casting aspersions when it is thought they are being well received is a form of pandering; when it is thought they are not being well received it is a form of insolence. When the reception is likely to be mixed, it is a form of ignorance.
With imaginary experts like Greg Mello on 'Democracy Now' and the inflamatory and biased commentary of Amy Goodman, the show has all the entertainment and news value of the Jerry Springer Show. No one really cares what either of them think, or even if they think at all.
Doug -
I will repeat here my deep disappointment in Linton Brooks. I was also present at that meeting with Brooks in December 2004, with many scientific staff in the room. Brooks insisted that the LANL shutdown was necessary, saying that LANL had more Price-Andersen act violations in the last year than the rest of the complex combined. It was only much later revealed that during the same time frame, there were serious security violations at Sandia that resulted in termination of a high-ranking manager, and a series of laboratory accidents at Livermore. Also, Brooks' public spokesman later released statistics on security violations across the complex, and they showed that LANL actually had fewer than Livermore and Sandia, even after counting the DX "incident".

To insist that LANL should be singled out for punishment is indication that Brooks is not merely a "political animal", but has very likely been a major force in distorting the status of operations at Los Alamos to congressional committees. Why he has done that, I cannot fathom. But it is clear that Ambassador Brooks is a key part of the problem in the recent mismanagement of Los Alamos.
"Political animal" = rat
It was during Sig Hecker's Lab Directorship that my Pride of Staff Membership in the Crown Jewel of American Science peaked. I would love to hear what Sig's thoughts are today about the LANL situation.
The Crown Jewels were discovered to be paste about the time of Wen Ho Lee.
It ain't gonna be the same no more.

Sig was one of us. He was an accomplished scientist and knew what it took to do the work. And, he was in the same pension plan as us. Thus, he shared our fate.

I can say the same about John Browne. Both of these guys "served" as Director for the mutual benefit of the DOE and the employees. They are thoroughly good people. Yes, both made a few decisions that were not optimal, but I don't think that anything that they did was not well-intentioned.

Anastasio and his cronies are nothing more than overseers. They lack the experience and dedication necessary to run this place othen than into the ground.

Sign me "going to retire."
My "Pride of Staff Membership" continued under John Browne too.
Er, " ... continued during John Browne's directorship too." Sorry John; some really evil critics out there.
I agree with the original comment. John Browne was well-intentioned, a decent person and for the most part a good director. His main mistake was in allowing his deputy John Salgodo to fire those two whistle-blowers Walp and Doran. That was a huge mistake, as everybody now knows, and as Browne should have known at the time.

I personally liked John Browne. The way his career at LANL ended was unfortunate.

Ah, yes. Good ol' boy Joe Salgado. How can we ever forget him?

Unfortunately, it was Salgado's massive screw-ups that did in
John Browne. They both left LANL management at the same time back
in Jan 03. Browne left with his dignity intact. Joe, who refused
to sign a UC letter of resignation, had to be kicked out the front
door. I've heard rumors Joe filed a wrongful termination suit
against UC after he was fired. If so, did UC settle up and
send Joe a big fat check? Anyone know?

Stan Busboom's Congressional testimony makes it very clear that
it was Joe Salgado who ordered the firing of Walp and Doran,
even though wiser heads knew it would cause big problems for LANL.


BTW, here's one further tidbit about ol' Joe Salgado. Our
current screwed-up Support Services Subcontractor, KSL, was
hired by Joe Salgado over the recommendations of the committee
charged with evaluating the bids. So, next time you're
wondering why you can't get some pesky office problem fixed
in a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost, you can thank
Joe Salgado. It's his little gift to LANL that just keeps
giving and giving.
Tell us how you really feel.
Linton Brooks: "We are on the verge of an exciting time."

"May you live in interesting times" is an ancient Chinese curse.

This sounds similar.
The auto-da-fey was interesting, I suppose; and it was exciting, too. But not so much if you were the object of the Grand Inquisitor's attentions.
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