Tuesday, March 14, 2006

LANS response to questions attached

Submitted by Ted:

Following is from Page 37 (Section F: Employee Communication) of LANSBenefitProposal03032006
.ppt on the LASO site.
Where are the LANS "HR Help Desk", "Hotline", and "Small group forums"? The Transition Q&A is implemented.

"In coordination with the LANS, LLC Benefits & Pension Communication Plan:
- The LANS Transition Q&A web site will regularly address questions submitted via a variety of mechanisms (e-mail, mail, phone calls, hotline, questions forwarded from UC LANL, etc.)
- A LANS Transition HR Help Desk will be established and maintained to address questions and concerns.
- A LANS Transition Hotline will be established and maintained to address questions and concerns.
- Small group forums (less than 30 employees per session) will be held to provide UC LANL employees who could elect to retire, the opportunity to meet with LANS transition staff (HR, management personnel) to discuss their employment questions & concerns. Meetings will be coordinated by specific Tech Area or Division locations, and dates and times for those meetings will be scheduled to minimize disruption to normal work activities. In cases where employees cannot attend their specific Tech Area or Division meeting, make-up sessions will be conducted.
The hotline is available now since folks will be receiving their offer
letters which state that it is available. It is 1-888-505-9292. We will
also advertise that on the web. You can call the hotline to schedule a
meeting with someone to discuss your concerns or decisions that must be
made. Benefits Sessions will begin March 28, 29, 30 and we will also
have Benefits Q&A sessions the first 2 weeks of April to help employees.
Lori Greening
LANS Transition
HR Communications

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