Thursday, March 16, 2006

LANS meets northern new mexico

Submitted by Anonymous:

I saw some comment earlier in the blog w.r.t. "wonder what LANS will
do when they find out what NNM is like?"

So, today is a first example. The UC "decision" letters were mailed
out, along with the offers. So, at my house, we could expect four
letters. I got my "decision" letter, my wife got the offer. My
neighbor got my wife's "decision" letter. As to where my offer is,
well, who knows? I wonder who's reading my offer letter right now :-)

LANS just put something like 10,000 big white envelopes into the NNM
postal system. I guess you could call this an impulse. Will we get a
finite or infinite response? It will be interesting to see how long it
takes for the postal system to sort itself out.

Just a bit of humor, we need it.

On another note, I read that our trade deficit is now
ca. $900B. Hmm. In 1970, we were the world's creditor by a big
margin. We are now, by a huge margin, the world's debtor. Think about
it -- all that debt, piling up for a generation. Now, given that we
have been playing the grasshopper to the rest of the world's ants, and
we have in just 30 years pissed away a current-account surplus that
took over a century to accumulate, why on earth did anyone in their
right mind expect a nice, easy, defined-benefits-pension life in the
next 30 years? Where was the money supposed to come from? I can't
figure it. What we have in store for us is a future of repaying all
those loans we took out for VCRs, cell phones, and gameboys. Bummer.

So, we may feel like we are put-upon in some special way with the
pension, but, in fact, we're just now catching up to the rest of the
country -- lots of people lost their nice pension, long ago.

In the end, grasshoppers get eaten by the ants. UAE tried to
take a big bite just last month. Others will soon follow. The
US economy would collapse if we turned off the "easy credit" money
machine. Each and every day, this country is borrowing about
3 billion dollars from people overseas to keep this shell game
going just a little bit longer.

On top of this growing credit crisis comes the Entitlement Boom.
In about ten more years, Grandma is going to want her promised
entitlements so she can go buy a condo down in Florida. And
Grandma is a prolific voter. The discretionary side of the US
budget, such as for DOE funding, is going to get crushed in the
coming US budget battles. Start preparing for it now, because
the leading edge of the Baby-Boomers just turned 60 this year.
So I received my offer and I noticed
that I am supposed to sing a statemnt along the lines of
I adhere all the LANS policies and procedures (not verbatim). I am still trying to figure out what these policies and procedures are. In addition, I have yet to see the real benefits package or soemthing about vacation/sick leave accrual. The web link they give you only says
"coming soon"

It would be bad enough to have to sign such an agreement, but to have to sing it?

Was there a clause (or refrain) that required the new LANS at-will employee to swear that "I, as a good LANS at-will employee will never, ever, ever read the LANL, The Real Story blog"?
I was hir’d one mornin' when UC expired.
Began a new job and I did what's required.
I read Sixteen Tons of procedural threats,
And the straw-boss said, "Well you ain’t done yet.”
You read Sixteen Tons, whadaya get?
Another day older and less vested yet
Saint Pete, don't budget less cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the LANS and the DOE
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