Tuesday, March 14, 2006

LANL workers need to take the fight further afield.

Please post this anonymously.

LANL workers need to take the fight further afield.

Take out ads in Physics Today, Nature, etc. and explain how current and former scientists are getting screwed after devoting their careers to the DOE and national security.

Warn any new graduates or working scientists interested in employment at LANL (or LLNL) that no matter what is promised, everything can change in an instant with you left holding the bag.

Better to make an industry-level salary with substantially equivalent "benefits" complete with bonuses and stock options/purchase plans than to spend your career here and get pauperized by the DOE.

I bet UC, Bechtel, and BWXT are going to be glad when this blog shuts down in July.
We certainly owe it to our colleagues to warn them about what we have become. Science here is done and it is our duty to let everyone know that. No other careers should be needlessly squandered. It is better for the bright young minds coming out of grad school to find environments that reward excellence rather than crush it with mind numbing bureaucracy.

This old chemist is just lucky to be old enough to take my lumps and my lump sum and move on. But not before I shout it from the roof tops that this national treasure has been plundered by fools, bureaucrats, and greedy politicians.
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