Wednesday, March 08, 2006

LANL pit production role to grow

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

Plutonium pit production will default to Los Alamos National Laboratory over the next several years, even if Congress can agree to fund a long-term alternative for making nuclear triggers.

"In the meantime," National Nuclear Security Administrator Linton Brooks said, "we plan to increase the Los Alamos National Laboratory pit manufacturing capacity to 30-40 pits per year by the end of FY 2012 in order to support the Reliable Replacement Warhead."

Brooks spoke to the Senate Armed Forces Subcommittee on Strategic Forces Tuesday. He advanced the related concepts of a "responsive infrastucture" that could more quickly respond to emerging needs, and what he called the "enabler," the Reliable Replacement Warhead proposed to solve a number of design and production issues of existing nuclear weapons.

"Unanticipated events could include complete failure of a deployed warhead type or the need to respond to new and emerging geopolitical threats," he said in his prepared remarks.


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Linton is my hero!

He can park his pits under my bed any time!

Hey, Pit Whore:

Only kisses? (XXX)
No hugs in between? (XOXOX)

("Bellybutton" Linton--aka "The Navel Guy"--wants to know.)(Or at least someone CLAIMING to be he asked me to ask you.)(My own personal preference is to stay as far from PU pits as I can git.)

I don't think anything else of his would fit under the bed. Certainly not his belly button.
Every good Pit Ho gotta has a Big Pimp Daddy to help her throughz
her pimp'n career. And these here Los Alamoz Pit Ho's gonna need a
lot of Pimp'n Daddy's sweet sweet lov'n to help trains them ins da

Now, who might them Pimp Daddies be? Does dey have da necessaries
Bling-Bling ta be a Pimp Daddy playa? Eyez gonna throwz down da
gaunlet right herez and now and challenge dem to a Ho-Off, and
may the best Pimp Daddy win. Youz up for da challenge, Linton?
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