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Lack of LANS board home purchases in Los Alamos

Letter from the 3/23/2006 LANL NewsBulletin:

March 21, 2006

Lack of LANS board home purchases in Los Alamos

I have heard a rumor going around (maybe someone else can verify it) that most of the Los Alamos National Security, LLC executive team will be living in Santa Fe rather than Los Alamos. (I don't know the exact numbers, but that would probably be very telling to hear.) I certainly do not begrudge my coworkers who have made that decision. However, I think the message it sends from the executive team is that they really don't care about the average Los Alamos-based worker and what it is like to live in this town. I am sure their spouses, especially if they aren't going to work for the Lab, would probably prefer to live in more of a city environment like Santa Fe. Welcome to the club.

There are decisions made at the Lab that significantly impact life here in town. If you doubt that, just consider the impact that the new security posts will have, closing off access to the ski hill and the Jemez. By not living in this town, how could they possibly know what impacts their decisions will have on the community? They certainly won't have to live with the ramifications.

If this wasn't such a company town, this wouldn't be that big of a deal to me. However, I think this sends a message of indifference on the part of the Lab executive team for the community life of our little town. I believe it was Machiavelli who stated that the best way to lead your people is by living with them so you get to know and understand them. I am disappointed ... I guess I just expected better [from] our new management team.

--Clair Sullivan

It has been clear from day one that these new people are NOT members of the team. They will continue to be employed by their home organization. They will NOT have to participate in TCP2. There are now two teams at LANL: that management team and the workers team.

Remember the good old days when AD positions were advertised? The new ADs are all appointees who, in many cases, would not have made the first cut in a competetive recruitment.
"I am sure their spouses, especially if they aren't going to work for the Lab, would probably prefer to live in more of a city environment like Santa Fe."

The poster is naive. Jobs (important and highly compensated) will be found for the spouses, kids, and cronies of these individuals.
"The new ADs are all appointees who, in many cases, would not have made the first cut in a competetive recruitment."

Unlike Rich Marquez or Micheline Devaurs, for example.
Nothing has changed. The same goons that ran LLNL lived in Blackhawk where they were divorced from the real world and their employees as much as possible. In Blackhawk they lived in multi million dollars homes driving above average vehicles and showed up to work to dictate the next days events. So again, it is more of the same. You now know where you stand in on their list of concerns, don't you.
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Well Clair, it sounds as if you will have to start managing your expectations.
An appropriate level of LANS-related expectations might be on the low side of substantially equivalent to realistic.
Ahh, good old "substantially equivalent." As far as I can tell, all adjustments that are not a wash are decrements. Therefore "subtantially equivalent" is equivalent to "less than," or perhaps "substandardly equivalent."

So expect "substantially equivalent" equity in your homes in Los Alamos. The realtor-hoped-for influx of highly paid managers will line the pockets of their colleagues in SF.
Can you spell "one-horse-town" and "housing-bubble"?
With respect to LLNL, few if any upper staff live in Blackhawk.

This is an example of an outright lie on the part of the poster.

Where do you get this nonsense? Anastasio lived right down the road from me in good ole Livermore. George Miller also lives in Livermore.

"One-Horse Town" and "Housing Bubble"? Let's talk "One-Horse Town" and "Employment-Bubble". LANL posts open to all jobs, however, they aren't hiring and KSL has laid off dozens, without notice, in the last 90 days. BTW, most of KSL's top staff live in SF too, must be the water!
Clair Sullivan's letter to the editor is shameful. It's nothing but "class warfare" BS on the local level. It is hateful, spiteful, and does nothing to positively further the transition to the invevitable change.

Remember - if employees had followed safety and security rules as they should have, LANS would not be here. If you *must* complain about something, complain about your fellow employees not caring enough about their work environment.
"Clair Sullivan's letter... it's nothing but Class
Warfare..." -- nukedude2

Here we have another typical example of "Bush World" bullshit.

When arguing, dismiss the other side by screaming "you're just
resorting to class warfare!". Frankly, this country could use
a little MORE class warfare. Pensions and benefits for average
workers are quickly disappearing, while those at the very top are
pigging out on the spoils. You must like taking it up the ass,
nukedude2, but most middle-class Americans do not.

There is nothing shameful in Clair Sullivan's letter. He makes
some pertinent observations about our new LANS executive team
and their commitment, or lack of, to the local community.
You might as well get used to "nukedood" and his attitude, goog2go. I've got a feeling that in a couple more years, his type of intolerant bullshit is going to represent the prevailing attitude of the staff remaining at LANL.
The problem here is the original post: where is the information that all the Senior managers are outside
Los Alamos? Anastasio and Mara have places in Santa Fe, Mitchell, Wallace and van Prooyen have houses in Los Alamos. For the ADs, Gibbs, Bishop, Seestrom, Neu, Phelps, McQuinn, Ethridge and Sowa all have homes in Los Alamos or are buying homes in Los Alamos. Most of the others apparently have not decided where to live. This information was gathered at an all hands meeting when the question of "Lack of LANS homes" was raised.

There are lots of issues about LANS that I don't like, but why make up things that are not issues?
You mean, like making up an issue about "missing" CREM, that turns out to have been be a non-issue?
"..get used to "nukedood" ... in a couple more years, his type of
intolerant bullshit is going to represent the prevailing attitude
of the staff remaining at LANL." -- Roderick Spode

God, now THAT is a truly depressing thought!

Another typical example of "Bush World" bullshit:

When arguing, dismiss the other side by screaming "'Bush World' bullshit!"

It's all substantially equivalent to bullshit, dude. Including this.

Now that is a truly depressing thought!
Pinot Rules,

When right-wingers throw out the phrase "that's class warfare",
they are attempting to shut-down further argument with the implied
assumption that "class warfare" is a bad thing. It's much like
the way they have turned the word "liberal" into an implied evil
noun or adjective. That IS bullshit. It's an attempt to close
down further argument by assuming only derogative definitions for
various terms and ideas.

I feel America would benefit by having GREATER class warfare.
From where I stand, the only class warfare I see is coming from
the very top of society and directed at those below. The middle
class doesn't have to sit still and take whatever scraps are
dished down from on high. They have political power to shape
society however they deem fit, as long as it doesn't violate the
Constitution. It's not written in stone that things have to
stay a particular way because "that's just the way things are".
It's possible to create a better and more equitable America,
and doing so is a good and noble thing.
Are you organizing then? Have you gotten together for a protest? A sickout? A work slowdown? A letter writing campaign? Have you joined UPTE?

So far it seems as though all the LANL folks have done is squeak on this blog like little mice. "Oh please NNSA, don't hurt me!"

The victim mentality is exactly what management wants. Get off your collective asses and do something! Or is the mere idea too unseemly for "self-respecting scientists?"

I have no argument with your objective, as nobly stated in your closing sentence. I support it. My own comment, intended to elicit a response from you substantially equivalent to the one you provided, was based on Shakespeare's (Hamlet's), "Hoist by his own petard," wherein I used your own words to make the obvious observation that you sound similar to the right-wingers you are scolding. My own opinion is that no matter how noble the cause, an ignoble method will doom it.

I think Einstein would have approved of joining UPTE, based on this quote from Wikiquote:

I consider it important, indeed urgently necessary, for intellectual workers to get together, both to protect their own economic status and, also, generally speaking, to secure their influence in the political field.
In a comment explaining why he joined the American Federation of Teachers local number 552 as a charter member (1938)
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