Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The LA-UR-05-9307 Post

The LA-UR-05-9307 Post

There have been so many people downloading this paper from my web server over the past two days that on several occasions it was necessary for me to shut the server down, because all of my bandwidth was being taken up by downloads, not leaving me enough for my Vonage (voice over IP) phone calls.

In my opinion, this paper provides some of the most valuable information that has been served by this blog, in that it provides a true history of recent events at Los Alamos. Why is this valuable? Because it provides much-needed balance to the often completely dishonest versions of these same recent events as they were put forth by the LANL Public Affairs Office.

It used to be that history was written by the victors. I do not believe that this is the case any longer. As long as there are people willing to take the time and spend the effort required capture historical events, truthfully, as they happen, then the historical facts are not lost.


This paper was very well written. However, LANL will never tell the truth about the matter because to do so would force them to admit to criminal activities. There are a number of lab managers who were protected and rewarded for their actions in the CREM incident.

Nanos and Kevin Jones conspired to commit fraud and they were successful. They covered up their mistakes and set up an innocent man to take the fall for their stupidity and corruption. Nanos is still pulling down several hundred grand per year and Jones was rewarded with a Division Leaders position. Sue Seestrom black balled Todd throughout the NW community to keep him from being employed in order to discredit him. This action is illegal but Sue did it and was rewarded for it. S Division confiscated the documentation that proved no media ever existed and attempted to coerce the OCSR into keeping quiet about it. Furthermore, Nanos perjured himself in his congressional testimony and got away with that as well.

This massive fraud and all of the lies that LANL managers told should have landed them in prison cells. Instead it got them promotions. This was all done with the approval of UC, DOE, NNSA and our congress. It’s a shame that nobody seems to care about that. I wonder which one of you will be the next one to end up in the sights of these vermin. You accept this culture of corruption at your own risk.
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