Wednesday, March 22, 2006

If you do nothing before April 14...


Please post this anonymously.

All current LANL employees with the option to retire should read the all
LANL employee memo released late Tuesday 3/21. It regards instructions to UC
to "cash out" your accumulated vacation or to transfer it to LANS. The form
must be submitted by April 14!!!

This totally violates the promise of 60 days (till May 15) to make
decisions. If you do nothing before April 14, your UC vacation will be
automatically "cashed out." If you had been considering transferring to
LANS, you will arrive with NO vacation accrual. If, on the other hand, you
direct that your UC vacation be transferred to LANS, but subsequently
(between April 14 and May 15) decide to retire from UC instead, it appears
your previous determination holds, and your UC vacation disappears!! I
recommend vociferous objection to both the LANL/UC transition team and to
NNSA as violating the 60 day guarantee.

This is incredible! Can't these fools get anything right?

This is a clear violation of what we were promised.
Rules were made to be broken. So if you have any doubt as to whether or not you were going to retire, NOW is the time to pull the plug. Next will be something that says, "if you don't file your retirement papers 90 days in advance, you can not retire under the primary UCRP". Just watch. As of today if you were to retire you will still be under the primary UCRP, but that still does not mean that after you leave they will not put you onto some spin-off plan, but that's the way it goes. It's time for all of you to s___t or get off the pot. LLNL, you're next !

If everyone waits until the last minute to make a decision, the business processes couldn't manage the overload and then people would complain about not getting their money, or whatever.

People should be more understanding of what it takes to transfer management to another organization and close out the old processes.

Like b-ohica says, s_ _ t or get off the pot.
From the Mar 21st LANL "Cash-Out" Memo:

Forms must be received no later than close of business Friday,
April 14, 2006. Employees that do not return an election form
by this date will be cashed out with no deferral option. Vacation
cash-outs are subject to supplemental tax rates (25% federal,
5.3% New Mexico, 6.2% social security and 1.45% Medicare).

I strongly agree with Darhtman on this one. Are these people
totally clueless? They promised us 60 days, but this memo,
released only yesterday, starts to clock ticking to a brief
3 week count-down. You're not going to be able to sit on the
fence much longer debating whether to go with the options of
retirement/inactive/TCP1. This is disgusting! There is no
logical reason I can think of as to why we need an April 14th
deadline to make a decision on our accumulated vacation.

It's called. "they want to wrap this up quickly so they can move on to the next victim"; LLNL. It's time to get this over with ASAP. They must figure that April 15th is the best they can do in order to handle the quantity of people that will be applying without hiring more personnel. If I were you I'd be calling HR for an appointment, today !!!!
NNSA and LANS rationale should be obvious. April 14 and May 15 are indeed "substantially equivalent", at least geologically speaking. So what's the big deal? 8>)

In contemplating the future of our private employer, it might also be "substantially equivalent" for LANS to give employees an annual bonus as a substitute for a salary increase or promotion, thus freezing your base pay HAPC for retirement calculations in TCP1.
Why does all of this have to be done for the convenience of HR and CFO? Us workers (TSMs and TECs) are no longer part of the same lab.

Be assured, the beatings will continue until morale improves!
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Ouch, oooh, eek! Gee, I feel better now.

I sent in my Vacation-Election form today, moving most of it into the 457 plan. This gave the chance to max that baby out.

I did ask LANL HR though how one makes "the selection" on teh website. It isn't clear. If I get an answer, I will post it.
Oh, stop whining.

If you elect to roll over your vacation time to LANS by April 14th, then decide to retire and not take employment with LANS by May 15th and retire, you will still get cashed out for your accumulated vacation time.

You guys just need to quit your bitching and grow up.
Gary, is that you? I thought you were banned here.

We didn't miss you, you can go away again.
Nah, Finknottle, this "nukedude2" is a poor clone of Gary. His
writing is poorly thought out and not in the same style as Gary's
posts. However, both Gary and "nukedude2" seem to have a common
belief -- suck-up early, suck-up often.
I don't know who Gary is, but I can tell we'd get along just fine. Here's the deal -- you folks who are doing all the bitching and moaning about how awful life is going to be here after LANS takes over and how the top dogs are nothing but elitists are living in a bubble that's about to explode. Welcome to the real world of bottom-line corporate America. If you don't like it, work and live somewhere else. As I said before, just remember - if there hadn't been colossal screw-ups in safety and security, LANS wouldn't be here. But, I am sure you all would have been bitching and moaning about something else.
They sound so..


*Gullible* when they've been brainwashed, don't they? (I bet you thought I was going to say *stupid*, didn't you?)

The good news in all of this is that one day Mr. NukeDood and his like will wake one morning up and say (to themselves, of course), "Shit. I was fucked by incompetent management and I was too *stupid* to recognize the odor of KY Jelly in the morning."

Or mental words to that effect.

Bottom line, we all get what we deserve, in the end.

So to speak.
I work and live where I damn well please, nukedude2, and get paid
mighty well for it. I also care greatly about LANL, especially
after having watched it get run straight into the ground over the
last six years. You would have LANL become just another corporate
entity, run by soul-less "yes-men". Maybe that's a good enough place
for you to work. It's not good enough for me or my colleagues.
We have higher standards regarding what we want LANL to become.
And if you don't like the "complaints", then don't read the posts.
No one is forcing you to come to this blog. So far, I've yet to
see a single constructive piece of information in any of your
postings. You simply like to complain about the "complainers".
hey, goofy2go, i said "If you elect to roll over your vacation time to LANS by April 14th, then decide to retire and not take employment with LANS by May 15th and retire, you will still get cashed out for your accumulated vacation time."

it's factual, to the point, and blows the original post out of the water. it proved the original post was nothing but emotion-driven BS, like most of the other posts here.

have a nice day...
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