Thursday, March 23, 2006

File this news story under...

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File this news story under...

Geeze, why don't we just go ahead and invite them to run our Nuke Labs too?


U.S. Hiring Hong Kong Co. to Scan Nukes - AP News

WASHINGTON (AP) - In the aftermath of the Dubai ports
dispute, the
Bush administration is hiring a Hong Kong conglomerate
to help detect
nuclear materials inside cargo passing through the
Bahamas to the
United States and elsewhere.

This country's borders are so porous, they don't *need* to use the ports get "stuff" here. for example, foreign pleasure boats are supposed to report their arrival at pleasure marinas "immediately." All they have to do is re-paint the name and port and that would give them enough time to unload anything from drugs to backpack nukes to firearms. Bottom line - the port security flap is nothing but a political smokescreen.
Hmmm, nukedude2, let's follow your thinking through. So the
port security flap is a "political smokescreen", no doubt cooked
up by those nasty Democrats as a tool to attack the President.

The reason it's all political is because it does nothing to
patch the many other border holes. And who is in charge of
patching those many other border holes? Could it possible be
our President along with the party now in power. Nah, no way.
I'm sure it's all somehow Bill Clinton's fault.
I haven't seen *any* president tackle the loose border problem, at any time, period.
Let Hong Kong monitor for nuclear material; Let Dubai run Miami (still happening).

Perhaps we could get Mexico to monitor the US-Mexico border?

Hey, why not let Columbia monitor international small airplane traffic? That way, only "good" cocaine will make it here.
In that same theme, we should let NNSA monitor DOE, and have DOE monitor Bechtel.

Oh, wait!

Never mind.
Clinton OK'd the deal for the Chinese communists to run the Port of Long Beach. Did you hear any bleating from the media or liberal Left? Nope...not a peep. So, what's different now? Oh yes...I forgot...there isn't a Liberal leftie in the White House.

Just stop the hating...stop the hypocricy.

I sense some seriousness in your commentary, which tells me you are not familiar with the rules of the game here. What is worse (for you) is that you don't seem to understand that it is a game I remember playing in high school. The basic idea is NOT to convince anyone of the superiority of your position; it is to one-up your opponent with smart-ass remarks. For example, if your opponent says something like, "My father can lick your father (back when I was in high school "lick" was slang for "beat up")," you might counter with, "Your mother wears combat boots (I never really understood the implications of that taunt, but I knew it was not a good thing)." It's just a game, dude.
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