Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feds slash LANL environmental management funds

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

SANTA FE - Environmental stewardship at Los Alamos National Laboratory will be severely constrained over the next two years unless something can be done about funding cuts and budget plans that threaten to cripple the program, according to local officials.

Possible consequences include unmet land transfer commitments from DOE to the county, broken agreements under the consent order with the state of New Mexico and reduced groundwater monitoring at a time of heightened concern over laboratory contamination in the regional aquifer.

The unpleasant prospects were delivered Wednesday night at a meeting of the Northern New Mexico Citizen's Advisory Board at Santa Fe College.

"It appears to be a bad situation," said Ed Wilmott, manager of the Los Alamos Site Office, who said efforts were underway to reverse the budget decisions in Washington, D.C.


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Gota pay that gross receipts tax.

Besides, why should DOE care about cleaning up LANL? DOE is in Washington. DOE does not live in Los Alamos. DOE does not care about our environment, our community's economy, and our quality of life.
Don't worry. There will be plenty of money in the budget for making pits. You Los Alamos folks have lived there this long in a crapped up environment, it won't hurt for you to to live that way a little longer.

Just wait until we gear up to 600 pits per year. We'll be talking serious polution then!

But we won't feel like cleaning it up then, either.
So THIS is what privatization is all about. I like it already!
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