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Does #3 pertain to the Kauppila situation?

Please post anonymously: Does #3 pertain to the Kauppila situation?
To/MS: All Employees
From/MS: Robert W. Kuckuck, A100
Phone/Fax: 7-5101/Fax 7-2997
Symbol: DIR-06-076
Date: March 7, 2006

Subject: All-Hands Meeting on Monday, March 13, 2006

I will be holding an All-Hands meeting on Monday, March 13 at
1:15 p.m. in the Main Auditorium. Specific topics will include
(1) initiation of a child-care program; (2) safety, and bringing to
closure several safety incidents since my becoming Laboratory
Director in May 2005, and what positive lessons have we learned
from these incidents; and (3) treating employees who are involved
in safety or security incidents with respect, fairness, and as valued
colleagues. I also will pass along any additional information I might
have concerning the LANS transition.

Just heard that Rich Marquez is going to be Mike Anastasio's Executive Director for operations. Go figure.
This wasn't just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. With RM elevated to this new position, this is sinking the Titanic.
RM's obstructionism, retaliation and teflon will continue to erode the lab.
I was shocked, saddened and angered by this announcment.
I too was shocked to see Marquez placed in such a high position. This simply reinforces the corruption of the top-flight LANS management structure as well as the partners.
Don't worry. Dave will find something good to say about Marquez, and Anastasio's decision to promote him.
So now we'll have about 21 ADs, plus a whole new category of about
15 people in a set of slots called "Executive Directors"? The fat
continues to multiply at LANL. Enjoy it, staff, because you'll be
paying for all these expensive new executives with your project
funds and higher overhead burdens.

In the beginning, both LANS and LM promised NNSA that they would
be able to institute cost efficiencies with their Lab management
styles that would help pay for the new management fees, plus reduce
lab expenses. All I see right now is more pork being shoveled
straight up to the top of the LANL food chain. And based on
Anastascio extremely poor performance during Thursday's meeting,
I don't even think we got our money's worth with our new Director.
I want a refund!
Getting back to the original post, it would be nice if this was related to the Kauppila's plight but I'm sorry to say that it is not. Director Kuckuck has been here long enough to look into what occurred here but, as of today, he has not attempted to contact Sara or any of the other people that were set up in July of 04. There has not been any attempt at an apology nor have any of the tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs we incurred to defend ourselves been reimbursed. The abuse continues unabated.

Early in February of this year I was contacted by an individual who had been asked to supply information to the director on the topic of employee abuse. My first comment was that I would like to speak to him and give him my input personally. Naturally that was not acceptable. Subsequently, I supplied a written statement that I will share with you here:

09 February, 2006

In response to our conversation this morning, I think the impulse behind this inquiry is not any concern about the abuse of employees but rather the desire to reduce the correct perception that LANL/UC regularly engages in the abuse of employees. For any reasonably ethical person the answer to the problem is simple. It does not involve new procedures and rules but instead holds people accountable to the standards that the Lab claims to follow.

During the inquisition that occurred in July of 2004 Mike Irving repeatedly stated that the most important issue that we needed to address was the prestige of the Laboratory. I believe that this mindset still exists and as long as this “culture” of management corruption and public preening continues the unwritten policy of abusing employees to maintain their public persona will continue.

The goal of that investigation should have been to uncover the truth. Sadly this was not what occurred. And there you have the answer. When UC and LANL are willing to come forward and admit their mistakes and, make amends for those mistakes, then the serial abuse of LANL employees will cease. If that basic principle remains beyond the character of LANL management then we can expect more abuses not fewer. Sin and crime become easier every time someone is allowed to engage in it without consequence. Here at the laboratory not only is there a complete lack of accountability but, in fact, there are rewards for unethical and criminal behavior.

Bob Foley, Bob Dynes, Pete Nanos, Kevin Jones, Sue Seestrom, Mike Irving, Mary Hockaday, Scott Gibbs, Don Cobb and others have all engaged in such behavior and the fact that they continue to thrive is telling of the ethical state of this laboratory. We all know the toll that has been taken on people here. The damage spans DX, N, C, X and other divisions. The number of abuses are countless and the consequences have been fatal for at least one LANL employee. So, as long as UC is unwilling to acknowledge the sins of the past then I hold little hope for the future.


John N. Horne
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