Thursday, March 02, 2006

County Reassured On LANL

County Reassured On LANL
Incoming Director Addresses Officials
BY JOHN ARNOLD Journal Staff Writer

LOS ALAMOS — Incoming Los Alamos National Laboratory director Michael Anastasio formally introduced himself to the Los Alamos County Council this week, promising to be “open and engaged” with the community that sits next to the sprawling 40-square-mile lab complex.

Anastasio vowed cooperation on economic development initiatives and other community issues, as his company — a team of academic and industrial partners known as Los Alamos National Security LLC — prepares to take over lab operations June 1.

Anastasio called the lab’s integration with the community “a big theme” in his team’s proposal to win the LANL contract.

“Success of the laboratory depends on the success of the community,” he told the council at a meeting here Tuesday.
“The success of the community depends on the success of the laboratory.”


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IMHO the success of the laboratory depends on a lot more. For starters, a culture change in Congress and in the DOE.

Yeah, right. How about buying my ocean front property in Arizona? I'm supposed to believe that LANL cares about the business community when Metzgers downtown might close because LANL wants to rent the property?

If LANL really cared about the business community, it would pull every single person back across the bridge to pull the rental rates back down to where they should be. And that includes SUP.

Moreover LANL would purchase more from small businesses instead of JIT. Finally LANL would cooperate with the local ISPs so that folks who work from home for LANL for free would have a direct connection to LANL rather than the circuitous route that exists today. This would encourage more folks to use the local companies rather than the "big box" ISPs.

Anastasio, if you see this, let's see if you can walk the walk or if all you do is talk the talk.
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