Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Council updated on LANS

Council updated on LANS

DARRYL NEWMAN,, Monitor Staff Writer

Michael Anastasio, the director of Los Alamos National Laboratory come June 1, stressed integration initiatives in the region and within the county as he addressed the council Tuesday night, setting the tone for intergovernmental relationships in the near future.

Anastasio spoke on behalf of Los Alamos National Security - the team of four entities that won the contract to manage LANL.


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Speaking for myself but trying to help others these are my feelings.
As far as I am concerned Mike, you can stop talking for now and
forget the pep talks, politics and public affairs agenda. From what I
have gathered you are only addressing about 50% of the lab employees
who have no choice but to stay because they are under aged and can
not retire. The other 50% which is the backbone of the operation are
only concerned as to wether or not they are going to be allowed to
retire on the primary UCRP, and that justice is severed if they lose
their retirement because some buffoon put a clause in the contract
that says, "Under the terms of the contract that DOE awarded to the
Los Alamos National Security LLC (LANS), employees at the Los Alamos
National Laboratory are required to leave the University of
California Retirement System (UCRS) and have their pensions and
associated financial obligations and assets transferred to LANS. The
calculation of the amount of money to be transferred from UCRS to
LANS is a complex issue."

If it comes about that the "fantasy four" as all of you from LLNL are
now know by are allowed to retire on the primary UCRP and we are not;
rest assure that justice will be asked for from those who you assume
you command. So maybe it's time for you to started doing something
constructive for the troops instead of putting the cart before the
horse. Please spend your time convincing the UC Regents that it would
be in their best interest if they would allow all previous retirees,
and all of those who are going to retire on May31st to remain on the
primary UCRP.

Now that would be an agenda worthwhile and may even get your future
employees to give you some respect. As for now you have about the
same rating as the President of the United States does with the national media.
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