Thursday, March 02, 2006

Consequently, a Personal Retirement Profile cannot be worked up for you.

Doug or Brad,

I received the following email from LANL-HR that may be worth posting.

Makes you feel loved, eh?
Larry Cox
PS: I caution you that the message also came with this disclosure:

So there...

A colleague and I work up Personal Retirement Profiles for any LANL employee or their spouse. We don't turn people away.

Contact me if our talents might be of use.

Best regards,

Eric Fairfield
You haven't fulfilled your term of indentured servitude. You may not leave until dismissed.
When I was very much younger, and I read about "indentured servants" in a second-grade reader on early American colonial history, I thought it meant that the servant had had his teeth kicked in by his master--hence, he needed dentures.

Now, much later in life, I begin to re-wonder about that. (mmmph...forry, vvey flipped out...there, that's better)
In present circumstances, denatured savants seems more appropriate.
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