Monday, March 13, 2006

Comments anybody???

Submitted by Anonymous:
Comments anybody???

I'm confused. Here are questions/issues I'd like to see resolved:

1) As new information comes from LANS/UC/NNSA etc, such as the the new revisions to TCP2, the old and conflicting information (e.g. the "Employee Options Chart on LASO website) needs to be changed. Perhaps it's best to keep the old plainly labeled as OLD, and add underneath the new plainly labeled as NEW (with a date).

2) Is the following the only place to get answers to questions that people have regarding their choices:
i.e. the LANS website, which might or might not answer such submitted questions in their "Transition Q&A" page?

3) Does contacting Benefits at LANL help in trying to get answers?

4) Will there be any "town meetings" in which LANS benefits reps explains current info and takes/answers questions from the audience?

5) Will there be a resolution of the proposed UC plan to clone UCRP for LANL retirees (including those presently retired and those retiring before June 1) *before* we have to make decisions by May 15?
See my comment under the post just above this one.
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