Friday, February 17, 2006

UC admits regents should have OKd extra pay

San Francisco Chronicle

UC admits regents should have OKd extra pay
Review indicates compensation policies violated

Todd Wallack, Tanya Schevitz, Chronicle Staff Writers

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A preliminary review by the University of California found that the university system erred by sometimes giving top executives extra compensation without approval from university regents, according a letter obtained by The Chronicle.

The disclosure is the latest acknowledgment from UC that it needs to do a better job of handling employee compensation. The Chronicle reported late last year that the university paid some employees much more than it reported to the public or the Board of Regents.

Last week, UC President Robert Dynes publicly apologized to the state Senate Education Committee for the university's failure to meet its obligation to fully account for the money it gives employees. And in the past few months, UC has tapped an outside auditor, stepped up its internal audits and formed a task force to help review and improve its compensation policies and practices.

Now, in a reply to questions raised last month by Sen. Abel Maldonado, R-Santa Maria (Santa Barbara County), a committee member, Dynes went further -- suggesting in a letter to the senator that UC appeared to violate its own compensation policies by giving employees extra money or benefits without approval from the university's governing board.

"A preliminary internal review indicates that there have been instances of failure to seek regents' action with respect to all elements of compensation as defined'' in UC's policy on executive compensation, Dynes wrote.


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