Saturday, February 18, 2006

Two men charged in beating of whistle-blower

By ANDY LENDERMAN | The New Mexican
February 18, 2006

Two Santa Fe men have been charged with aggravated battery in connection with the beating last June of Tommy Hook, a former Los Alamos National Laboratory employee and whistle-blower.

Zeke Nevarez, 28, and Joseph Sandoval, 25, have each been charged with one count of aggravated battery by a Santa Fe County grand jury, court records show. The charge is a third-degree felony.

Hook was severely beaten June 5 in the parking lot of a Santa Fe strip club. That week, he was preparing to meet with a congressional investigator about allegations of fraud and waste at the lab.

Hook's lawyer, Bob Rothstein, said then that Hook thought he was meeting another whistle-blower at the club. Hook was told to keep his mouth shut after the beating, he said last year.

The Santa Fe Police Department said the fight was not connected with the lab.


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It's not true. I was tricked.
Last I heard, Tommy Hook could be found down on
53rd and 3rd in NYC giving cut-rate lap dances.

He's very elusive, but the crack reporters over at
Drudge Report have located recent photos of him at
this site...

Mr. Hook has really got the moves down pat. Guess
he learned a thing or two after all those visits to
Cheeks. And as you can see, former staff at LANL
can look forward to a variety of bright careers
after they retire from the Lab.
I prefer the rocking chair on the veranda, sharing a scotch with a few old guys, rocking in unison, remembering the good ol' days...
We did not really need confirmation that Tommy Hook was a lying sleaze, just like we didn't need proof that Nanos was a lying sleaze.

Still, it doesn't hurt to get it.
How do we get Nanos down to Cheeks?
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