Tuesday, February 07, 2006

State reaction: Raises for some LANL programs, but cleanup funds cut

By Andy Lenderman The New Mexican

February 7, 2006

More money for nuclear-weapons work and renewable-energy research would go to Los Alamos National Laboratory under President Bush’s proposed budget for the 2007 fiscal year.

Increased funding to make plutonium pits, or triggers for nuclear bombs, also is included in the budget proposal, released Monday.

The lab’s science program received a slight cut compared to the 2006 fiscal year, which ends in October. And one environmental-cleanup program received a major cut.


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You made your mess, now live with it.
Is there any ironic symbolism in the fact that the new LANL Ad Bldg looks like a cruise liner running aground into an oil tank?
DOE Guy,

I can't tell if you are speaking facetiously, but perhaps you can elaborate on how I and other retirees, as well as any other dedicated and honest LANL staff were complicit in making the "mess" you want us to live with.
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