Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rat Patrol

Submitted by "Rat Patrol"

Is the group shown as LANS representing those who transeferred from LANL to LANS, or those who are standing there with their mounths open wondering how DOE could view the LANS pay package as being equal to the primary UCRP hoping for change? Or is it those who dreamed the pay package up and are now going to be paid big bucks for doing so, like MA?
DOE Guy :
"Congratulations, you won the contract!"

LANS Guys (Bechtel, BWXT, WashGroup) :
"Is that a big wad of cash in your pocket for us, or are you
just extremely excited to see us?"
"Gosh and we didn't even communicate/reach out to LANL employees and the community like Paul Robinson did. And we have absolutely zero ethnic diversity among our announced key personnel. What else can we get away with?"
"What, me worry?"
DOE Guys:
"Congratulations, you won the contract!"

LANS Guys (M, B, G & C) :
" Well we shafted them the best we could, now where is my bonus check and primary UCRP retirement "
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