Saturday, February 11, 2006

Rat Patrol

Submitted by "The Rat Patrol"

Is this like their 1-N ranking that will determine who they are going to keep and who they are going to get rid of?
I guess I was wrong:

I just talked to LANS HR today personally and asked them about the (pink slip/one year probation) rumor and was told emphatically NO.

There will be no pink slips and no one year probation nor is anyone looking into peoples evaluation to find out who they want to keep and who they want to get rid of. It sounded sincere. I asked that the facts be posted on their web site, so lets see what happens.

I also asked about the retirement on the UCRP instead of the UCRP-LANL and I was told that " (LANS had nothing to do with the retirement plan)" until after June 1st. All of this hoopla that is going on now about employees being separated from the UCRP is all the (UC Regents agenda) and that all questions about this issue are to be directed to the ( UC Regents and DOE.)

So there you go.
Sincerity is the lowest form of deception.
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