Thursday, February 02, 2006

A new "resource" for transition questions (?)

A *resource* offers a possibility of relief or recovery. The referenced URL offers neither. It is, more appropriately, a fount of propaganda.
> # posted by brokeback mesa

touché, so to speak ...
For those who are mildly bewildered by chatroom "lingo," here is the entry for "ROTFLMAO" that you will find when you enter it into Google Search [and then go to]:

ROTFLMAO (roll on the floor laughing my ass off)
A chatroom abbreviation used mainly by imbeciles, usually in response to something mildly, often very mildly, amusing. People who use this type of shorthand should be avoided like the Spanish flu.
"I would've married her, but I found out that she goes into chatrooms and uses shorthand like LOL and ROTFLMAO. Therefore, I broke off our engagement and changed the locks to my apartment."

[-Editor. Hope this is helpful.]
...from thence cometh BOHICA.
And what exactly is EMP?
Helpful, but IMHO, somewhat harsh editorial commentary. BTW, does "used mainly by imbeciles" qualify as a personal attack?
Pontification is a useful editorial attribute.
Sorry, "tshirege".
Sorry, "EMP".
Sorry, "b-ohica".
Sorry, "Spanish flu".
Sorry, "another imbecile".

Your "pontificating" Editor was simply cutting and pasting from the aforementioned website (urbandictionary) for the enlightenment of the e-masses (1/1800th of a proton).

If any of the above noble protons was mortally offended, well, then let me blame "brokeback mesa".

My post appears to have spawned a ROTFLMAO tempest, not by its content but presumably by my handle. I guess my little joke may have offended some sensibilities, so I will henceforth be known as "broken pension."
just testing; pls ignore;
"brokeback mesa" was a GREAT handle. But I suppose the allusion caused consternation among the pious. Being an ol' Wyoming boy, and noticing that not ONE scene of "Brokeback Mountain" was filmed in Wyoming (the director and crew were possibly just a little worried about the Matt Sheppard precedent), I can understand the desire to change to "broken pension". Still, I was simply flailing around for a handy scapegoat, and "brokeback mesa" was at the top of the list. (Just for completeness sake, I somehow lost poor ol' "information loss"--irony abounds, right?)

[-Editor, with a bad, but not broken back.]
That's because our real cowboy from Brokeback Mountain is the chief psychologist in HSR-2 and doesn't want the competition from "Brokeback Mesa." He wants the boys all to himself.
Actually, "broken pension" was my perfunctory original choice, before I decided to introduce a little humor into our mostly somber commentary. After the tempest, my wife suggested I switch to "dirty little -----," which I dismissed as too suicidal (not that there's anything wrong with that). BTW, I haven't seen the movie; but I'm sure it's good.

The Commentator Formerly Known As brokeback mesa
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