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Mike Anastasio laid out his vision of science at Los Alamos

Submitted by Anonymous:

Mike Anastasio laid out his vision of science at Los Alamos in his presentation today. Essentially, he sees Los Alamos as addressing all the unsolved problems we need to address nationally and globally. At the end, someone asked him how he would get the myriads of petty DOE program managers to put their little pots of money together, and his answer, in a nutshell was that he (and all of us) will work to convince them.

The next question was about the fact that almost none of our managers are scientific leaders. In his response, he expressed the expectation that his newly appointed "EB" will make sure that the right people get to lead.

Sounded like a fairy tale to me...

So, what's worse for LANL: a screaming, disrespectful lying asshole of a director like Nanos, or a "feel good", "everything is going to be all right", "DOE will let us do wonderful research to our hearts' content" tell-them-what-they-want-to-hear kind of a guy like Anastasio?

Past experience tells us the DOE is interested in their weapons program mission. Period.

Recent experience tells us the NNSA/DOE would prefer that LANL become a replacement plutonium pit production facility.

Myself, I think the days of good, fun, healthy non-weapons science at LANL are gone forever.
Mission Control to Anastascio...

LANL is a DOE D-E-F-E-N-S-E Lab.

It is not a DOE E-N-E-R-G-Y Lab.

That is all. Over.
Rod, you forgot to mention that WFO (work for others, for those of you have forgotten what that was) is largely history now, thanks to the schenanegans of previous and current management.

Who, in their right mind, would send money to Los Alamos today with any expectation that a product would be delivered at the end of the money flow?

I'd like to have a pipe-full of whatever Dr. A. was smoking.

I nominate Mike Anastasio for a makeover. I have contacted the show "What not to Wear".
Most of these comments seem to be out of touch with what is going on at the Lab today. There is healthy research going on and I personally thought Anastasio's approach was refreshing. He clearly understands that the Lab is no better than its staff, which has to want to do high quality work.

All of these comments so far seem to be from people that want to see the Laboratory fail. I don't understand this view point for anyone who cares about national security.
David is well fed, VERY WELL fed.
I sit faithfully by his side, hoping for a crumb or two from his groaning table.

It is an all-too common tactic when hearing a message that disagrees with one's own point of view to attack the messenger.

It is also completely inappropriate. Defend LANL, it's management, its managers if that makes you happy, but by attacking those who hold a point of view that you do not hold, you only diminish yourself.

Face it, yesterday's talk was nothing more than a "let's help the scientist feel good about themselves"
It should have been framed up as the "LANL is turning into a pit facility, so get used to it."
Do not listen to what BFO says, listen to David.

David says all is well!

Life at LANL is wonderful!

Research abounds!

Management is doing a wonderful job!

Pit production is not in LANL's future!

Listen to David!
Get a grip, David, LANL has already failed. We have lost valuable staff, valuable sponsors, and valuable respect. Our "leaders" want to turn LANL into a pit factory. The contract transition will cost a hundred million dollars. The shutdown of 2004 cost $357 million dollars. LANL is a laughing stock. As the transition period draws to a close, we will lose more valuable (and, admittedly, some not-so-valuable) staff.

The University of California, who presided over the cluster-fuck of Nanos and the 2004 shutdown has been rewarded by retaining a place at the management table.

Either you have some ulterior motive for attempting to put a happy face on what has happened to LANL, or you are blind.
Do you remember the Galvin committee, and other clones before it? To accomplish Mike's dream would require their recommendations to be implemented. I will stick around and hope that things will improve, but I really don't have any illusions!

DOE is indeed fragmented to the point of not being able to address the grand challenges we face. I wish I was wrong.
I'm not attacking the individuals, just what they are saying.
I think Anastasio has the right approach. Whether he can succeed is to be determined. LANL must succeed for the good of the nation.This can only happen if the staff wants it to. I believe Mike understands the problems. This does not guarantee success.
David, you really need to have more understanding for the rest of
us here at LANL. Most of us are NOT Lab Fellows. Mosts of us
have NOT been given the same rights LANL gave you. As a Fellow,
you were given a guaranteed right to come back to work as a
retiree. And even during your pre-retirement career, the Lab
treated you extremely well.

Your pontifications are beginning to grate on my ears. I know
you are a highly religious man, so try doing what Jesus preached.
Try walking a few miles in our shoes without issuing judgments.
We all want LANL to succeed, but most of us are worn down, and need
to vent from time to time to relieve the stress. If I was in
your current position, I'm sure I would be feeling considerable
less stress. David, you are a very lucky man. Try to occasionally
act like it.
In all of this, don't forget that Anistasio remains a UC employee. He is not going to be employed by LANS and will stay in UCRS!
If what you say about Anastascio is true, then this is an
insult to the rest of us here at LANL. Surely, UC couldn't
be that tone-deaf, could they? Does anyone know for sure
about Anastascio's status? I was under the assumption that
he would be an employee of LANS, just like the rest of us.
Are some of the animals on the LANL farm more equal than
"good2go" is one of the better posters on this blog. But I fear he may have committed--perhaps not even inadvertantly--one of the greater quotable quotes of all time on "LANL: The Real Story." Here it goes (are you ready?):

"Surely, UC couldn't be that tone-deaf, could they?"

A LANL group leader was quoted telling his wife on the day of the big fire of 2000, as they were hiking near Cerro Grande that fateful day in May (a hot day with gusts over 60 mph), and she had just exclaimed to him, "Why the hell are they starting a controlled burn today? Are they out of their minds?"

"-Don't worry, Dear. They know what they're doing."
I second whatsdamatterwith you!
Perhaps we need to make a call to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy t.v. show. Dr. A. was looking rather frumpy and scraggly.
Careful...Anastasio is just trying to fit in all the while smugly knowing that he is on the UC payroll and benefits package.
I said before - there are backroom deals being made all the way from Anastasio to bringing in employees of the industrial partners at a different level than LANL roll overs into TCP1 or 2. All so they keep their existing retirements with their home orgs and they don't lose any of the vac/sick bennies they have built up over the years with their parent orgs. Absolutely no one is advertising that one out there.

Plus anyone notice how totally uncomfortable Anastasio looks when he talks to us. At least over the years Agnew, Kerr, Hecker, Brown, and even Nanos could get up in front of the LANLites and talk in a leader fashion.. strong, demonstrative, decisive. No ums, ahs, etc. No back and forth looking at cue cards. No starting a sentence and not finishing it before changing direction. I don't this this management crew has a clue what we are about or even have a valid vision for us or even want to. If anything it's a vision of how to fill their pockets with plenty and leave us all to wallow.
He reminds me of a used car salesman - just not as slick.
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