Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Looking for talented technical writing candidates


I am the publications manager for a Ktech, a contractor for Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, NM. I am looking for talented technical writing candidates with the following skill sets:

Genres: Software or hardware procedures, conceptual overviews, reference, user interface specs, requirements documents, business rules, context sensitive help, possibly regular help, probably user guides on paper.

Tools required: Word, PowerPoint, email.

Tools desired: Web page editor such as DreamWeaver, Visio, paint program, screen capture program, HTML, XML, PHP, Java, database such as FileMaker, Access or mySQL

Skills required: Ability to write clean prose. Quick study. Non-confrontational interviewing style. Understanding of document design, scheduling. Ability to edit technical prose for an ordinary reader, without losing key details or points. Ability to work well with the client.

At least two of the following amples required: 1) Procedure for user, 2) some kind of conceptual overview or description of a key concept, 3) reference such as a command description, 4) edits before and after.

Resume required, with details on actual writing and editing, in whatever circumstances (full time staff, part time, freelance, or volunteer all acceptable)

Please submit your resume and any writing samples to ssmith@ktech.com

How does health care compare with Wal-Mart's?
I'm a recovering technical writer and found that your request needed some editing:

"At least two of the following amples required:"

uh, would that be "samples"?

Or, is "some kind of conceptual overview" ample?

BTW, genres of technical writing? Wow, I'll have to remember that term for my resume.
Athena (sharp name, by the way):

It should be painfully obvious why Ktech is looking for someone with the "Ability to write clean prose".

"I am the publications manager for a Ktech, ..."

Unless the official company name is "a Ktech" which is doubtful, I am inclined to think the indefinite article is just a routine example of inadequate attention to proofreading. But if they provide some health care benefits, I might be persuaded.
finknottle-all the better to poke fun...

Yes, it does seem to be be painfully obvious, particularly when broken pension confirmed what I too wondered: "a Ktech"? I suppose there could be more than one...

As for health benefits. Nobody provides those. Ktech is probably looking for "project" writers. Translation: We just got a contract for a big project that will net us a bunch-o-bucks. Work for us doing mind-numbingly boring work to be completed in a ridiculous time frame. We'll charge Sandia three times what we pay you. When the project is over, so are you.
I guess I'm not too proud to do mind-numbingly boring if it could bridge my gap between a possible abrogation of UC's promise and when good ol' Medicare kicks in. But without any health care insurance, "I'd rather stick needles in my eyes," to quote Garrett Breedlove (Jack Nicholson) in "Terms of Endearment."
LANL "health insurance" is overrated.
Even with LANL "insurance" I've exceeded the 7.5% medical deduction threshold on IRS 1040, Schedule A, for the last 30 years. I know I could meet my routine medical costs without insurance of any kind, but would then be open to risk of the whoppers like cancers or organ transplants. Until the next job comes along, I could manage.
If you are hospitalized without insurance, your health may not be your biggest problem.
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