Saturday, February 18, 2006

LANS and UC should, in detail, disclose information

Submitted by Zeke Aragon:

After hearing the LANS benefit presentation on Thursday, I see an issue that need[s] NNSA's attention:
LANS and UC should, in detail, disclose information and ramifications thereof with respect to retirement options during this transition. It's going to be hard to make decisions based on so little.
For example, the "LANS Total Compensation Design and Strategy" proposal packet, as obtained from the LANL website, contains a slide (#3) showing employee options via box-ology. The slide contains a box stating "UC retiring/retired employees hired by LANS" showing a transfer to TCP2, ..clear enough. But the understand I have from speaking to a couple of individuals involved with the transition and one of the LANS future ADs, is if a current UC employee decides to retire (or separate, with the hopes of freezing what he/she has worked for for many years) from the UC in connection with the end of the current UC contract, LANS is not required to hire him/her back even though no actual time has laps, that is to leave the UC on 31 May and return 1 June as normal under LANS. Is this based on a UC and/or LANS mandated position to simplify "their" transitions efforts? If a LANS position, that will probably scare excellent employees away, I find hard to understand... remember, employee moral at LANL is very low? Also, what happened to the "everyone is guaranteed a job" position NNSA supposedly had??
The bottom line is that I feel individuals like me (over 29 years of service to UC/LANL and not ready to completely retire) are being penalized if NNSA upholds the above verbal position, that I believe is true, if not forthcoming.
Thanks, in advance, for your attention to this matter.

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