Tuesday, February 07, 2006

LANL May Begin Building Nuke Pits

By John Fleck And Michael Coleman
Journal Staff Writers

WASHINGTON— Federal officials on Monday proposed expanding nuclear weapons manufacturing at Los Alamos National Laboratory, part of a sweeping plan to develop new nuclear weapons for the first time since the end of the Cold War.

By 2012, they hope to be able to make 30 to 40 new plutonium nuclear weapon cores per year, according to the Bush administration's fiscal year 2007 budget request.

The government's top nuclear weapons official cautioned that the new program remains primarily a research effort for now, aimed at finding ways to build safer and more reliable nuclear weapons. But the spending plan delivered to Congress on Monday includes, for the first time, a long-term spending plan for moving the weapons from the drawing board to production.


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One of the intermediate production goals that somehow got left out of the story was our plan to change LANL's name to "Los Alamos National Pit Production Facility" by 2008. LANPPF: I feel more at home already!

It sure will be nice to be rid of all those pesky "scientists" so that we can proceed with the real mission.
Pit (or do you prefer the more formal Ms. Whore?):

I like your style.

I've always wanted to be able to say "My friends call me PW."

But I don't have any.

2012!! Maybe we should out source this to Iran. Their program seems to be moving along at a good clip.
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How iranic\\\\sorry, IRONIC, that we would outsource our very own Pit Factory to Iran, just so we could use the RRW on...Iran! Would they "get it"? (The joke, I mean.)
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