Saturday, February 11, 2006

"In good standing"

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Every assurance of UC employees being hired by LANS has been qualified by
"in good standing". I have a few questions related to this:
1. What does that mean?!?
2. Who decides who is in good standing? And,
3. If LANS decides, what do they base it on.

I've asked this via the Transition site, but no answer has been forthcoming.

"What does that mean?!?

For starters, it would mean that you may not lay claim to having ever created a blog with the words "LANL, The Real Story" present anywhere in it's title. If so, you are definitely not "in good standing".

As a follow-on observation, the explanation for the Transition site's having not responded to this question could well be explained by Baghdad Bob's tongue observed to have been repeatedly extended in the direction of LAN's posterior, for extended periods in recent days. Busy attending to business, you see. Not enough time to address trivial questions regarding the transition.

I submit that "in good standing" means "plays well with others."

I agree, the ability to work well with others is important. The lab could benefit by showing the door to a number of its prima donas and ass-kissers. It has no shortage of either.


"Plays well with others" (not "work[s] well with others") is a form of "attaboy" used by kindergarten teachers. In equating it with "in good standing" I was commenting facetiously on the juvenile management inclination to reward their underlings who are "agreeable" (in Disraeli's sense).
Sorry for not picking up on that, P. I've noticed that my sense of humor has become somewhat impaired lately, with regards to most things LANL-related.

There will not be a forthcoming answer because deciding who is kept will be based upon subjective criteria that may be applied differently to different individuals. There will be no consistent set of criteria.

Anyone who believes there will be a set of published standards applied to all also believes in the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny, the Great Pumpkin, etc.

And remember, everyone will be an "at will" employee who can be summarily fired as soon as LANS takes over. There is absolutely no guarantee that because you have a job on June 1 with LANS you will have it on July 1.
Actually, that might be the one good thing about the contract changeover at LANL. Because of how the place has been run for at least the last 30 years, we built up large stacks of deadwood.

Come June 1, at least there will be the option of cleaning house. Whether or not the new management is capable of appropriately weeding out the non-productive members of our little community is of course problematic. Given that UC is still a player on the new management team, I very much doubt that anything will change for the better.
"Stacks of deadwood"? Now this is something I've been raising my leg against for YEARS now!

Piled up against the buildings of LANL, these stacks of deadwood have been the Trojan horse whereby all the termites have entered into the Lab management and are now gnawing away at the infrastructure. Kinda like the Soviet Union (former, that is), whose bureaucracy we inherited as the prize for winning the Cold War.

What goes around, comes around. Anyone have a match?
In good standing will mean:

1) You do not have any demerits on your name before the end. Losing non-existant disks, filing paperwork saying non-existant disks have been checked out, etc.

2) You play well with others. If you have to keep telling people the Emperor has no clothes.. you will probably get "into bad standing".

3) It will be based on your final standing with LANL versus LANS standing.

4) Do you post to anti-LANL websites from your work machine.. that will probably get you a mark or two.

I doubt very much dead-wood will be gotten rid of.
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I think Grunt has it about right. The best one can hope to do is survive the transition. Having seen this in a previous life, the worst that can happen is one loses their job.

Not to worry though. Politicians, high-level managers and college educators keep saying there is a shortage of scientists and engineers in the US. Based on such unbiased sources, it would appear finding a new job should be straightforward, if not trivial.

Perhaps it's time for a quick trip to the website for some (de)motivational posters such as:


Sometimes the best solution to morale problems is just to fire all of the unhappy people
I just talked to LANS HR today personally and asked them about the pink slip/one year probation rumor and was told emphatically NO. There will be no pink slips and no one year probation nor is anyone looking into peoples evaluation to find out who they want to keep and who they want to get rid of. It sounded sincere. I asked that the facts be posted, so lets see what happens.

I also asked about the retirement on the UCRP instead of the UCRP-LANL and I was told that " LANS had nothing to do with the retirement plan until after June 1st. All of this hoopla that is going on now about employees being separated from the UCRP is all the UC Regents agenda and all questions are to be directed to them and DOE.

So there you go.
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