Thursday, February 16, 2006

I see nothing yet that could make me proud to be a LANS employee

Submitted by "LANL UC RETIREE"


First, let me really thank you for your countless hours required to
maintain the blog. Because I moved far away from the area when I
retired, your blog is the best (and almost only) source of
information I have on the continuing contract saga.

I worked for the UC for 32 years before leaving more than 2 years ago
(because of my age, not because of all the chaos that had already
started). I was proud to be a UC retiree and didn't really think of
myself as any different from any retired UC faculty member
(wrong!!!). If UC pays attention to Brooks' letter, maybe, with
regard to my pension, I remain essentially the same as a UC faculty

But, whoa, what about medical benefits? I had hoped, as a retiree
long gone, I would not have to have anything whatsever to do with
LANS. How come LANS, and not UC, is going to provide the retiree
medical benefits? It seems certain that time will see any LANS plan
diverge from the UC plans, and there doesn't seem like there's a
prayer in ___ that the divergence will be in favor of those of us who
have already retired from UC. Does this make any sense to anyone
(except UC)? Sure would like to see this explained.

It was interesting to see the list of big employers who will be used
to limit the LANS TCP2 plan to 105% of average. Once upon a time
(boy, it seems like a long, long time ago), LANL tried to hire people
who were way above the average scientist of those big employers
(possible exclusion: SNL). Looks like LANS won't have much of a
prayer of hiring those who are way above the average.

Like I said above, I am proud to be a UC retiree. I see nothing yet
that could make me proud to be a LANS employee.

I always assumed that medical is paid for out of UCRP. Now I find out that is not true at least for LANL employees. It would be interesting to know if UCRP members that retire from the UC campuses receive medical coverage from their respective campuses or out of the UCRP pension fund upon retirement.
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